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Confederate Wayside Hospital - Anderson, SC

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October 22, 1864 DR. J. G. Seabrook
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Confederate document from Wayside Hospital - Anderson Court House, SC dated October 22, 1864 and signed twice by J. G. Seabrook, Surgeon in Charge.

On February 1, 1864, Dr. J. G. Seabrook became a contract surgeon for the CSA and was assigned to Jackson Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Six and one half months later on September 17, 1864, he relieved Surgeon H. E. Bissell as Surgeon In Charge of Wayside Hospital at Anderson Court House, South Carolina.

On October 22, 1864, Dr. Seabrook executes a provision return to feed the 13 soldiers in his hospital for 10 days. This hospital was small by comparison to most others, which had been moved from Atlanta further south to Macon and Augusta. Dr. Seabrook, using a hand drawn form, requests 35 rations of flour, 59 for meal, 119 for rice and salt and 119 for tobacco.