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43rd North Carolina Infantry

Item CON-6795
June 20, 1862 John M. Turner
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter - 2 pages and war dated.

State of North Carolina
June the 20th 1862

My Dear Wife,

I take the pen in hand to let you know that I am well. And I hope this may find you well. I received your letter dated June the 17th and was glad to hear from you. We have left Smithville and we are now at Wilmington and will leave here today or tomorrow and are going to Petersburg in Virginia and we may leave there the next day. I don’t want you to be uneasy about me. I should like to stop at home but I can’t. I will write again the first chance I get and I want you to write too. I have received all the letters you have sent me my dear. Will be glad if you can get a dog from Mr. Williams and tell Mr. Williams I will work with him if he can’t get a man in my place and will sell him all I have to pay him for this substitute. My dear, buy anything you want. Don’t ask me. Buy paper and ink for I want you to have plenty and write often as you can for it is all the pleasure we have and of course I want to hear from you. Give my love to your good and my good old mother. I will have to stop writing this time. I want you all to trust in the Lord. Tell mother that Calvin is well as common and tell her we are gone. Tell Fin to write.

Your affectionate husband,
John M. Turner

To his dear darling sweet wife Moley Turner

Tell Elley Grady that W. Grady is well and will write soon as he can. Direct your letter to Petersburg if you write soon. That is all the alteration you need to make. Put Petersburg in the place of Smithville and put VA in the place of NC. My clothes have not gone yet, I don’t think but keep on the watch for them. I haven’t cut off my whiskers. I sent one of them in a letter day before yesterday.

Good bye Sweet Wife
Dumpling Milo
J. M. Turner