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11th Alabama Infantry - Wounded at Frazier's Farm & Killed at Gettysburg

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September 25, 1862 James F. Cameron
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter. 1 page war dated and written in period pencil. Letter speaks about the 11th Alabama at Antietam. Cameron was wounded at Frazier's Farm, VA - June 30, 1862 and killed at Gettysburg - July 2, 1863.

Camp near Martinsburg, General Longstreet’s Corps
September 25, 1862

Dear Father,

I have arrived at my regiment at last. I arrived here last Monday evening. I suppose you have heard of me being sick at Richmond. I had to march 125 miles on the turnpike road. I made the trip in six days. Our regiment has been in several severe battles in the last month. John Steele was wounded. Clay Dunlap was killed by a bum shell. It never broke his skin. That was all that was hurt in my company. The last battle was fought in Maryland. They say it was a desperate and bloody fight. The Yankees rallied all their forces and came against our men like a hurricane. Our men fought desperately against 10 to one and succeeded in driving the enemy 3 miles and our forces crossed over this side of the Potomac. But everything is quiet now. This leaves me in the best of health. We get plenty to eat. We’re without tents and a great many without blankets, but I have 2 very good blankets. And I tell you I had no trouble in getting a bedfellow. Tell Jake the Yankees will give up the ghost soon and he may begin to think about that coat he promised me. So no more present, but remains your son.

Jas F. Cameron