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44th North Carolina - Wounded at Wilderness

Item CON-5744
July 16, 1863 William Ashley Hyman
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages written in period ink.

July the 16th, 1863
Camp near Hanover Junction, Va

Dear Cousin: I now take pen in hand to you now that I am well at this time and hope that these few lines may reach and find you the same good blessings. I will say to you that I received your letter the other day and was glad to hear from you and all the rest of the family. Betty, I would be with you all one more time but I don’t never expect to come back down there no more for I do expect to have to go over in Maryland. But I hope that I won’t have to go there for all the rest of the Brigade over there and it cut all to pieces. One of the companies hasn’t got but two men left. Major Jones is in command of the Brigade. We had a small fight here the other night. We lost one man killed. The Yankees lost a good many killed. We taken some prisoners. Betty, it don’t appear like the war will ever end. Betty, I was right at the big guns. I tell you that we made the Yankees holler (and) run. The Yankees taken two companies. They say that this Regiment is larger [than] the Brigade. I tell you that I hate that we have lost a good many men up there. I haven’t had time to write since I received your kind letter. But you must excuse me for all bad writing and mistakes. Betty, give my love and best respects to all the family and to all the rest of my friends if enny [any]. So I must come to a close for the want of something to write. So no more at present. Only I (am) your friend until death. Corporal W. A. Hyman