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12th Virginia Infantry - Point Lookout POW

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February 27, 1865 Marcus Bowers
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1 page original Civil War Confederate POW letter, written in period pencil and war dated.

Point Lookout
February 27, 1865

Dear Brother,

It seems like a long time since you have written me and I feel lonesome if I don’t get letters to cheer me up. I answered your letter with the three dollars in it and have written sister’s since then. And Eliza has written me. I handed your letter with a note of inquiry to Major A. G. Brady and he could take no action on it. But it is thought that the exchange will soon be through with and then I may be able to do as you wish. I am in better health and spirits. I have more comforts. I do some training most every day. Just as I feel like it and think I better keep this position till I hear from Fred and what he has done. For I can keep myself more comfortable than I could, to do nothing, only keep house. We leave one of us five to cook and bring water, while four of us go out a.m. and p.m. to our business. On the fifteenth I got a box of clothing from Norfolk. Cousin Ney has done much for my comfort. Cousin Josephine being the first to assist me. I am greatly indebted and if it were possible would pay a visit there but I know not what will be my privileges when I leave here. Now brother as I have to write more letters than I get, it is hard for me to keep myself in PO stamps. I have paper and envelopes enough, for I got a supply in my box. I got tea and other comforts. My love to all.

Marcus M. Bowers
Prisoner War
Point Lookout, MD

Edwin N. Bowers
Geneva, Ohio