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18th Mississippi Infantry - Captured at Gettysburg - Fort Delaware POW

Item CON-5267
January 20, 1865 George B. Greene
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1 page, original Civil War Confederate letter written in period ink and war dated.

Fort Delaware, Delaware
January 20th 1865

My Kind Friend,

I had begun to fear that my letter had miscarried when this morning’s mail brought me yours of the 11th inst, and relieved my fears. I see you can appreciate most fully a prisoner’s condition and what gives him pleasure. For two or three weeks, I have had a line from no one. But this morning I was doubly blessed, for I also received a letter per flag of truce from my own loved home. Which although it was two months old, was an invaluable treasure. As it was the first received in three months. I am glad to hear such good news from Charles G. For though I never met him before, I went to watch at his bedside here. Three or four young men, whom I esteem so highly, which he showed himself eminently worth of by his noble course while here. Please present my regards to Mrs. G when you again see here. I have seen and heard too much of exchange news in the papers during the last 18 months to found any bright hopes of freedom upon them and only when I am on board a transport and sailing up James River, will I ever be convinced that a general exchange is in process. Tell Kate for me that I return her love with interest and that if she will send me a picture taken, she shall have my likeness too. But that I sent the only one I had to Mrs. Granby. I am sorry I haven’t one for her as it wouldn’t afford me much pleasure to exchange it for a copy of her bright little face. I’d appreciate a box very highly too. If it were but possible to get it. I expect Katie would’ve pitied me if she had seen my Xmas supper. Since you as kindly offer to supply my wants, I will make a request that if convenient, you will send me a little money as I can’t receive anything else and am much in need of a few essential articles although I dislike very much to trouble you.

Hoping to hear again soon.

I am Sincerely Yours,

G. Berkeley Greene
18th Mississippi Volunteers
Division 11