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8th Louisiana Infantry - POW at Johnson's Island

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March 22, 1865 Samuel Y. Webb
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1 page original Confederate soldier's letter dated March 22, 1865.
present at Gettysburg and Captured at Rappahannock Bridge, VA.

Johnson’s Island, Ohio
March 22nd 1865

My Dear Friend,

I am happy to address you as such I put in no other way towards you after the perusal of your kind, interesting letter of the 3rd inst. just received. How different in its contents from those of other letters which I have received during my imprisonment and those of before this was considered true friends but alas! How sadly I was mistaken “time changes and all of us with it.” I deeply mourn with you in the loss of a dear sister my bereavements have been great since I’ve been in Johnson’s Island and adored father and loving sister have been taken from me. But as you say, I willingly submit to the will of Him who does all for the best. I though am not like yourself alone, fine brothers and one sister yet remain for me to love. All of whom have other sons, others to love, while I am single in the world, absent without a home. The exchange is going, though slowly. Lieutenant Jamison left several weeks ago, intends visiting home if possible. I hope to get off in two or three weeks. I am flattered to think you will be pleased to hear from me. After I am exchanged, will take great pleasure in writing and hope that in often days, may have the pleasure of meeting with you. Accept many thanks and kind wishes.

From your friend,

Samuel Y. Webb