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1st Louisiana Infantry - Elmira Prisoner

Item CON-5115
August 27, 1864 Richard J. Wright
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1 page original Confederate soldier's letter dated August 27, 1864.

Prison Camp
Elmira, NY
August 27th 1864

J. N. Kimball

Friend Joseph,

I have delayed writing so long that I am ashamed of it. Though late is better than never. There is nothing new here. All the boys are well. We have very good water here. That is about all the difference in the two places. You will please keep a lookout for my letters and boxes and have them forwarded if any comes. There is a man in Company A, 8th Division that will take my letters if you don’t. Look Sharp, his name and initials are the same as mine. Inquire if he has taken any out. Write soon. Goodbye.

Your Friend,

R. J. Wright
Of Ward No. 55, Barracks No. 3
Care of Major Colt, Provost Marshal