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5th Missouri Cavalry & 2nd Missouri State Guard - Captured at Fayetteville, AR

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January 10, 1864 William A. Redd
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1 page, original Civil War Confederate POW letter written in period ink and war dated from Johnson's Island.

Johnson’s Island
Block 11, Company 23

January 10th 1864

Dear Cousin Maggie,

Discontentment is a feature, common with the occupants generally of this “lone Isle.” From association alone, I presume, I have imbibed my full share. This you can vouch for is not habitual with me. Yet, I fear, it is rapidly growing upon me, alone to be banished, by little remembrances, from loved one far away. This was effectually done on the morning of the 8th inst. When your very agreeable letter was handed to me. Rendering me utterly unconscious for the time being, of the huge walls and glittering bayonets that surrounded me. But tho delusion was as brief as it was sweet, those recollections only producing sighs for the happy past. I read and reread your letter, bringing to bear all of my analytical powers together with my very fertile imagination. Yet for the life of me I could not consciously place upon it the construction of your Brother. Though married as I am, nonetheless a little courting is very agreeable and I insist upon your trying it again. My “old lady” thank heavens is not jealous. She read your insinuations with a smile and doubtless inwardly consoled herself with the constancy of her better half.

I am all curiosity to know that “good joke.” Can’t for the life of me imagine what it is. I cannot recall a “Miss Lizzy” among all of my acquaintances certainly now in St. Louis. The “Old Lady” coincides with me in the opinion that you are quizzing me. Please explain in your next and allay our mutual curiousity. I wrote some time since to Cousin Mollie. I hope she has received my letter. Platt and Tyler are both well and send much love to you all. Platt for the first time received a letter from his Ma and Sister a few days since. He writes regularly. I received a letter from Ma this morning. She is quite well. Disk is going to parties. Remember me kindly to your Mother and Father, Brother and Mollie, to Mrs. P. and Jennie and all my friends and cheer me often by your agreeable letters.

Affectionately, your cousin,

William A. Redd
Adjutant, 1st Missouri Cavalry

The officer examining letters notified me that here after letters as long as your former one would be “confiscated”.

Miss Maggie Warren