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20th Tennessee Infantry - POW Letter

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November 24, 1863 Frank M. Battle
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Original Civil War Confederate POW letter. 1 pages written in period ink.

Johnson’s Island

November 24th 1863

Thank you for the testament

Mrs. Susan L. Taylor

Dear Friend,

I received the articles that you sent me on yesterday and need I say that I feel a sense of gratitude to you. They fit exactly. I wrote you a letter on Sunday. I told you that I would look up Charles Brand. He is in Block 2, Mess 2. He will write to you. Nothing of interest has occurred here. All quiet in the pen. The book that you sent me will afford me reading for some time. I will ne’er forget your kindness to me.

Our Sutler has been banished from the Island. He supplied us with a great many delicacies that we don’t have now. Dick McCann is here and in my mess. He came here last week from Camp Chase.

In conclusion, let me again thank you for your kindness and assure you that you feel toward me as a mother.

Affectionately your young friend,

Frank Battle