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3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery - Brevet Brigadier General

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January 27, 1864 Charles R. Brayton
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Office of the Chief of Artillery
Northern District, Department of the South
Folly Island, SC
January 27, 1864

My Dear Colonel,

Yours of the 22nd was gladly received yesterday and I hasten to reply. I had heard bad things about you and pardon me for imagining worse, but your letter had that old fashioned tone which I am glad to see again. I do hope colonel your sickness will be your sufficient warning, another such and you die, but you know all this and your only is to let cigars entirely alone.

In regard to taking yourself out of the way, I can only say and frankly too, that I prefer you should remain until Summer, if you are decided on resigning at all. Of course I would like to be a colonel but I don’t want to be one at your sacrifice. I will come down and see you when I get these infernal Field works and batteries in proper shape. I have talked with the major and we think that Sergeant Elliott of Company “E”, Hazen of Company :M” and Williams of Company “A” should be good men for commissions. I wish you would recommend Sergeant John F. Wyman of my old Company “C” for a 2nd lieutenancy in that company. He is by far the best sergeant I had as I frequently sent him on picket in charge of the Section in preference to Seaver or any sergeant. I think your recommendations good. I do not know about flattery. You know him better than I, Cryan of Company “M” is full as capable and deserving I think and should be promoted if you have room. I think all I have mentioned will make good officer. Hazen, Elliott and Williams excellent ones and Cryan a fair one at least.

I am a good mind to send Irons and Andrews before the board, they disgrace the battalion. I can dispose of them if you don’t object. I hold that we better be without officers than to have such as the above.

I don’t know how Baker got his captaincy, it’s queer. Clarke’s resignation is accepted. Captain Green is drunk a good portion of his time and will kill himself with liquor yet. Ames is Chief of Artillery on Morris Island and captain Hamilton on Folly Island, subordinate to me as Chief of the District. How are your regulars? Strahan is doing exceedingly well colonel. He endeavors to his duty most perseveringly and if he continues to improve, I shall not object to his being a major when there is a vacancy. He is certainly a capable officer and aside four men, I don’t know who’s better in the regiment. I think he would command officers better than men for what I have seen of his operations in the battalion. We have been expecting to see Bailey. Now colonel write oftener and let us know how things are going at Pulaski.

I am going to start Colwell to reenlisting men that he has returned from Hilton Head. I shall come and see you soon

Truly Yours,
C. R. Brayton