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10th Michigan Cavalry

Item LTR-8153
April 12, 1865 William R. Montgomery
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Hospital No. 1
Measles Ward
Knoxville, Tennessee
April 12th 1865

Dear Friend,

I take the present opportunity to drop you a few lines to let you know where I am and what I am doing. When I left Croton, I thought I would have a stay at Jackson about a month but we did not stay there but 5 days and I was disappointed greatly for I was in hopes that I could have seen Lamont. But as we started for the regiment – 150 of us – we were pretty near two weeks in reaching it and I was tired riding in the cars. But I forgot it all when I got among the boys that I knew.

Perhaps you are curious to know why I date my letter at the hospital. I will tell you. The regiment was pretty bad off for horses and fifty of us were ordered to Nashville to bring down 300 horses and I got myself wet and when I got back, I was pretty well used up and I stayed at the regiment a day of two when I was taken with the measles and the doctor sent me to the hospital where I have been about three weeks. And I am now nursing the sick in turn and Dr. Leonard says that he won’t let me go to the regiment again – I make such a good nurse. And in fact, I love to wait on the sick so that it is unsettled whether I will be with the regiment again or not.

I suppose you have heard of the capture of Lee’s Army by this time and I tell you, it made me feel good when I heard it. I think it will about end the fuss. If you folks in Croton know how much good a letter does us boys, they would write a little more often. A soldier will never get discouraged if he gets about 2 letters a week and he is always ready to answer them with a half a dozen.

I have had but one letter from Croton and I have written a dozen and I know you will not fail to write to me as soon as you get this. I have not much time to write for I have to give medicine to the sick boys. Give my compliments to Mrs. Cameron and all the girls and remember me to Mr. Shepard. And with the hope that this will find you all in good health, I remain your friend, - William Montgomery

Co. A, 10th Michigan Cavalry
Knoxville, Tennessee

P.S. Give my regards to Berty and tell him that I will write to him when I get time.

To Mrs. O. W. Shepard