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Agnes Findley - Nurse - Columbian College Hospital

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August 6, 1863 Agnes Findley
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Original Civil War nurse's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Columbian College Hospital
Washington, DC

August 6th 1863

Dear Henry,

I received your letter yesterday and was very glad to hear from you and more than glad to hear that you and the furlough was all right. I feel quite easy now. And am glad you went. You may feel perfectly easy in regard to matters here. And enjoy yourself all that you can and get good and strong. Things are going on very smoothly and I think very nicely in the Hospital. The Orderly in Mrs. Russell’s Ward is Acting Ward Master. No one has asked me anything about you since you left. Isaac reported you absent with leave and that made it all right. Those names that Dr. Crosby sent in to have relieved from duty in the Hospital returned yesterday and your name were among them. I do not know who they will go away from here.

No new patients have come in since you left. Linginfelter has got a sick furlough. He will leave this afternoon with his brother for home. After he has gone, I will have no diets to bring up and that is something we have never had since I have been in the Hospital. You see, we are having very easy times. And I believe it is so throughout the Hospital. The folks think you could not have gone in a better time.

Let me hear from you soon again.

From your Hospital Mother,

A. Findley