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1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery

Item LTR-5540
November 28, [1861] George Bender
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4 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp Pierpont
November 28, [1861]

Dear Brother
I take my pen in hand this evening to let you know that I am well at present and hoping these few lines may find you all enjoying the same state of health. I received your letter the other evening and was very glad to hear from you. We are still at old Camp Pierpont yet and don’t know when we will leave it. We got orders this evening to go out on a forage expedition tomorrow. We may have to fight before we get back. We will have to go a good piece for it but then there will be two or three regiments of infantry with us. There will be a good many of us but then we may have to fight for all we get. There was a regiment of cavalry out on a scouting expedition the other night and they came in contact with a lot of the rebels in a swamp and they fired on our men. And our men surrounded the swamp and took eleven of them prisoners and killed some of them. I don’t know how many it was they killed. Some of our men some four or five, they fetched the eleven that they took past our camp and I seen them. They was a pretty hard looking set. They had no uniform on and their arms was double barreled shotguns and common rifles. I heard this evening that our men had took eight hundred prisoners today. But I don’t know whether it is so or not for we so many false reports here that we can’t believe all of them and I suppose you hear a good many back there. You need not believe all of them.
The weather is very wet here. It is raining a little here tonight and has been for some time. We have very little snow here yet one morning when we got up, there was about a quarter of an inch of snow. It was pretty cold in our little houses but then we get along very well so far. It is very muddy here now and raining. Fred Rexrode was to see us today. He looks very well, better than ever I seen him. I hadn’t heard from Ephraim for a good while. I was very glad to hear of you been done husking corn and having so much of it and having such a strong team and Flory Temple getting along so well and having so many slell barks. I wish I was there to help you to eat them. I think they would go very well.
I don’t want you to be so long about writing this time as you was the last time. Tell Liz and Mahala if they haven’t got no pens to write with, I will send them some. Then maybe they would write me a letter for I am sure they have more time to write then I have. Abe Rhodes and Al Shafer send their best respects to you boys. I guess I have told you all I have got to say for this time. You will have to excuse my bad writing and all mistakes. I send my love to you all. Nothing more at present
but remain your Affectionate Brother George Bender

Write soon and don’t forget to tell Mahala I would like to hear from her if she is teaching school yet and for her to tell me how it goes home with the gals from the spellings good by, take care of Flory Temple and the fiddle play on it as much as you please all of you.