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5th Connecticut Infantry - WIA & POW at Cedar Mountain

Item LTR-462
August 4, 1862 William Higgins
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Monday morning 8 o’clock August 4th, 1862
Camp near Culpepper, Virginia

Dear Wife

I am after receiving your letter of the 1st. I am glad you and Freddy is well. I sent a letter yesterday morning to you. I am well dear Maggie. Have plenty of post stamps. I was often getting 50 cents worth. When your letter came, gold and silver is scarce with us here. It won’t last long. The war will be soon over. I am glad that they are drafting in Connecticut. Maggie, you are afraid I will have to go to Richmond. I’d as soon be there as where I am. I want to see this war settled. I am sorry that your hair is falling out. It will grow again. My hair is falling out and getting gray, what hair remains. Did Ellen like Freddy? So Mary Marten has another baby. I suppose Hugh is father to it. Let them live their own tails will bury them. I won’t say much this time. I am glad you got carriage for Baby. You got it cheap, I think. I am glad you got the two orders. When did you see father Hendrickson? When you see him, don’t be bashful with him. If he wants any information let him write a few lines to me considering our affairs. I will satisfy him. I must conclude for the present time. What is John Fitzmeans doing in Wenslock? I’d like to see him. Baley McDaniel that came out with me is home in Rathmalyne. That is what I was told by a son of Billy Floaday the miller, which lived as you go to town. He is in 3 Brigade, a Private in 29th PA volunteers. I seen him the day before the battle of Winchester. His colonel was taken prisoner by the rebels. He was telling me that Robert went home. He did not know where James Goff was. I must conclude. From your husband, William Higgins. Camp C, 5th Regt CV, First Brigade, General Bank’s Division. Culpepper Virginia.

Kiss baby for me, Maggie Higgins.