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1st Battalion North Carolina Jr. Reserves

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February 15, 1865 Isaiah Goodin
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter. 2 pages, war dated and written in period ink.

Headquarters, Company D
North Carolina Junior Reserves
Camp near Kinston

February 15th 1865

Mr. C. M. Hill

Dear Sir,

I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you know that I am still in the land of the living and I hope that these few lines will find you enjoying the same pleasure. I have nothing very interesting to write to you at the present time. I can inform you that we are camped near Kinston in the woods. I tell you, we have a bully time. We draw corn meal and pork. We draw tolerable plenty to eat now but when we are a marching, we don’t get enough. We have just come from Coleraine. We marched 60 miles in two days. You may guess we was sorta tired at night. We had our muskets and cartridge boxes, knapsacks and 3 days rations to carry.

We went in sight of the Yankee breastworks and the Yankees fired their cannons twice at us. And we retreated back but the Yankees would not follow us. If we could get them away from their gunboats, we would give them the best we had in our shop. I am very well satisfied they did not come out. They might a killed some of us and that would not a been so funny. Man, there ain’t no fun in staying in the army. I tell you. And you had better stay out as long as you can.

Reece received a letter from you last night. You said you was a going to school at Old Rocky Branch. I recon you have a good old time with the girls. I would like to be at home and go too. I want you to write and tell me what girls goes and whether Tom Holland and Tom Moore and Frank goes or not. Man, I want you to tell me how Tom Holland keeps out of the army. I think he is 17 years old. I don’t blame him for keeping out. Tell him to keep out just as long as he can.

You said somebody throwed down Cruses fence the other night. I recon that old Patsy just read you school boys out. Man, does them little Nortons go to McHargue’s yet? Tell Rueben I said now was the excepted time.

I will bring my few ill composed lines to a close for this time by asking you to write soon as this comes to hand. I want you to write all the news.

Direct your letter to Isaiah Goodin, Company D, 1st Battalion North Carolina Junior Reserve Camp near Kinston, North Carolina.

Isaiah Goodin to C. M. Hill

Excuse bad writing and spelling for I have nothing to write on but my cartridge box. So write soon if you please, Sir.