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35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry - Wounded & Captured at Brandy Station

Item CON-8025
February 16, 1864 David S. Doggett


Original Civil War Prisoner of War Confederate letter, 1 page written in period pencil.

Hammond General Hospital (Point Lookout)

February 16th 1864

Dear Miss Miller,

Why this silence? Have I written or said anything offensive? If so, please remind me of it for my memory is at fault. Notwithstanding, I think I can substantially reproduce the burden of everything I have written you and in so doing, I declare my intentions innocent of anything that could wound, offend or disgust. My letters have been intended to convey my gratitude for your kindness and my esteem for your friendship.

Your last letter of the 30th being written in so likely and friendly style induced me to hope that by prompt attention I might be the recipient of similar favors. But that hope, it seems has only the bitterness of disappointment to feed on. If the code of honor justifies you in an explanation, make one too.

Your friend,

David S. Doggett