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30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters

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March 22, 1863 John A. Hickey
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages written in period ink.

Dublin Depot
March 22, 1863

Dear Betty,

I have concluded to write you a few lines today as it is son snowy I can’t get out of doors to do anything else. I am tolerable well only I am very sore in my shoulders and sides but such weather as is in this country and the amount of ground we have to prepare is enough to lay a man up. I was weighed the other day and find myself heavier than common at this time of year, 162 lbs.

There is two regiments here now the 50th and 63rd. I seen Grime’s boys and many others I am acquainted with. John Grimes looks very bad. A great many of the men are nearly bare footed.

I sent Mary Lane a letter the other day by one of the Hilliards of the Provost Guard of Abingdon. I told them to give it to Smith Berry and tell him to send it out. I sent one dollar worth of postage stamps to her.

If Kit (Slave) should be sold the money should be disposed of immediately in the payment of debts to L. L. Mimmick and others. Hiram and others must make them rails as the raising of some corn is a thing that must not be neglected.

Mother wanted to know if I had my spectacles. I have but I did not know it till I had been here several days. I do not know how long we will stay here. We are getting a very large company. Write to me often as nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear from home. I want to know if the baby talks much about me or not. Tell some of the neighbors to write to me. I wrote to Polly Anne but never gat any answers. So no more at present but remain affectionally,

John A. Hickey