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1st South Carolina Cavalry - Twice Wounded & Participated in the Gettysburg Campaign

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May 27, 1864 Colonel John Logan Black
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Colonel John Logan Black of the South Carolina 1st Cavalry - was wounded at Upperville and Brandy Station & participated in the Gettysburg Campaign.

Colonel John L. Black
Commanding East Lines Around Charleston, 7th Military District
May 27, 1864

First letter written to Governor Bonham and signed by Private John R. Niernesee Jr. present at the attack on Fort Sumter [Hampton's Legion Cavalry - 6th South Carolina]. Second letter written by Colonel John Logan Black - a scathing reply.

In a previous letter it is pretty obvious that Colonel Black had requested a map from Major John R. Niernsee. The Major took it upon himself to write Governor M. L. Bonham and request funds to pay a Mr. Berg for that special purpose also stating that it would take two months. Colonel Black vehemently took exception to the timeframe stating the following, "Being a topographical draughtsman myself I can't conceive that more than a few days at the outside would be required to execute a copy of the map desired. i would suggest that a map traced on transparent paper from the original would answer all present purposes."

Black further went on to state the following, "The retreat of General Johnston in rapidly laying open this country and its topography should be well known at once as it may soon be penetrated by the enemy."