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1st & 11th North Carolina Infantry - Captured at Gettysburg

Item CON-5079
September 28, 1864 Edward A. Small
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1 page, original Civil War Confederate POW letter written in period ink and war dated from Johnson's Island.

Johnson’s Island
September 28th 1864

Miss Kate M. Morfit

Captain Graham informs me that I have been placed under your charge by my cousin Mary E. Jones. Knowing my cousin’s judgment to be very good in the most trivial as well as in the gravest matters, and her taste exquisite in all that pertains to the beautiful, the good, I feel sure, in accepting the aegis of Miss Morfit, of being under the charge of one, who knows how to sympathize with the afflicted in mind and who will try to drive from me the enemy of fifteen months imprisonment. Please inform me when you saw or heard from my cousin last. I have received no letter from home (Edenton, NC) since last April and of course I eagerly seek after any news coming from home. We are restricted to one page in our epistolary correspondence and two letters a week.

I formerly lived in your city, but while there, I was so actively engaged in business, that I made but few lady acquaintances. My correspondence with Baltimore is limited to two ladies only. But I hope I shall in future, have the pleasure of adding Miss M.


Edward A. Small
11th North Carolina Infantry