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19th Maine Infantry - 1 Brevet Brigadier General and 4 Wounded at Gettysburg

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Large albumen photo of the Field, Staff and Line officers of the 19th Maine Infantry. Image measures 7 1/2 x 5 3/4 - Card measures 8 x 10.

Front Row, from the Left:

1st: Lieutenant Edward R. Cunningham (Wounded at Gettysburg)
4th: Surgeon John Q. A. Hawes
6th: Colonel Isaac Starbird (Bvt Brigadier General, Wounded at Gettysburg & High Bridge)
7th: Lieutenant Colonel Joseph W. Spaulding
8th: Lieutenant Edwin H. Rich (Wounded at Gettysburg)
10th: Adjutant Henry Sewall
11th: Captain Charles E. Nash
12th: Capt. Calvin B. Hinkley
15th: Captain Thomas P. Beath
16th: Colonel James W. Welch

Second Row, from the Left:

3rd: Lieutenant William L. Gerrish
5th: Lieutenant Charles P. Garland (Wounded at Gettysburg)
8th: Major David E. Parsons
9th: Captain Everett M. Whitehouse
10th: Captain Ansel L. White,
12th: Lt. Elbridge C. Pierce